Winrar Mac

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Winrar is a great, simple to use file archives manager. With WinRar you can do much more than just compress your files – you can backup your important files and data, compress the size of the attachments in your email, and manage your archives in various file formats. Just drag and drop any files you want to decompress, backup or compress them according to your needs – works like a charm!

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The best feature about Winrar on Mac, is it’s simplicity and user friendliness. The program will take care of many important stuff by itself, such as automatically deleting the archives after the extraction process, or after creating a new archive. Winrar is very stable and almost never crashes unlike other file compressing software out there, and it does more than just zipping or compressing files. With it, you can send your data safely and share it over the net because of the encrypting process it uses. Winrar also works the best in decompressing files, regardless of their compression method or file type

The best file compressor comes freely for a 30 day trial, in which you are able to utilize every option of the program, from compressing large files to decompressing files in various formats into a ZIP, RAR, ARJ, Tar or PKZiP Files. Winrar is fully accustomed to Mac users, and works best in decompressing files faster than any other compressing software. When compared against Winzip, PKZip or 7Zip Winrar for Mac wins the decompressing race every time, encrypts your files like a champ and compress the heck out of there when needed!